7 Obvious Signs That You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

An emotional abusive relationship signs is not so difficult to spot if you look closely. Some spouses flog with their words, rather than fists and you should beware. When you consider types of violence, you likely omit emotional violence because you think it does not count but it greatly does. Therapists have often asserted that women are emotionally abused every single day without realizing it.

Below are some easy ways to know if you are being emotionally abused by your partner

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1.) You are getting yelled at for nothing

Every couple – no matter how much of a match you are for one another – have disagreements.

There’s a difference between nagging over who last washed the dishes and your partner screaming at you inappropriately. We call this the intense feeling of ‘walking on eggshells’ or in other words, when even the smallest mistakes triggers the person getting mad at you. This in turn can cause a person to become nervous around that person and make even more mistakes,”

A person who yells at the small stuff is usually a person that is controlling and has very little patience and therefore allows little mistakes upset them.

2.) They say sly remarks that drown your confidence.

Though your boyfriend or spouse might tease you about the way you peel an orange or the way you cannot catch current dance steps, or perhaps the crazy way you like to eat your “Okra soup”, an emotionally abusive partner will carefully say certain things that would rub you the wrong way. Not only is it a tactic to always have the upper hand, those remarks overtime beat down your confidence and lead you to rely more solely on him for your own self-worth and hype in self esteem.

3.) Constantly Putting you down

An emotionally abusive partner will put you down continually, instead of lift you up. Instead of complimenting you, they put you down and make you feel bad about yourself. They may say that if you were smarter you would have a better job and earn more, or if you lost weight people would talk to you more.  This is definitely not a nice person and you should run!”

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4.) They always result to name-calling

Of all the things your partner should call you – abusive and demeaning names are not terms of endearment or affection and you should never take it. Instead, they are a way of making you feel negative about yourself or means for them to win an argument. When name calling is a part of the argument, its effects are more lasting.

5.) They disregard your opinions and needs

Instead of making sure you are happy, and are taking care of yourself, they will ignore your opinions and will belittle your hopes and dreams.The tone of their voice will be patronising and condescending. They’ll make you feel like you’re silly and whatever you want is not good enough.

6.) You feel like you need permission to do anything

There’s an obvious hierarchy in the relationship, and they’re the boss. They make you feel like you constantly need permission to do anything. You’re no longer an independent individual, but rather like their little child, or pet, that needs to be with them all the time. They want and will control you, and your movements.

7.) They will deny it

If you tell them that you think you’re being emotionally abused, they will deny it and start calling you crazy, and will make you feel like you’re imagining things. They might even start telling other people that he thinks you’re crazy and ill, to have people on his side. This can lead to brainwash, and self doubt. But you shouldn’t have to doubt yourself.

What should you do?

In so many words: stand up for yourself and get out of the relationship as fast as possible. If your heart tells you that it is feeling abusive, then it definitely is. Don’t brush it under the covers and keep taking it in the name of love, stand up for yourself and let that person know that you are not going to take it from them, if they can’t get their anger under control then they need to get help really fast.

There are only so many times a person can apologize for being verbally and emotionally abusive. If they continue to do so, then tell them that when they act that way you will not engage with them and walk away from them until they can cool down and be respectful. If you find yourself fighting back, stop yourself, and walk away, because then it just becomes heated with no resolve and you don’t wanna stoop to their levels, do you?

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