Refresh Yourself After A Long Day With This Zobo Chapman Recipe

Searching for a simple drink you can make right in your home to help ease the stress of the day? Zobo Chapman is a perfect choice. Zobo is a very versatile drink and the leaves have many applications in the Nigerian context. Some just use it to make the traditional Zobo drink.

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Zobo can be used for several other drinks like Chapman. You can also flavor the drink with more fruits and exciting options like mint, cucumber, different ranges of citrus and even a tinge of chili pepper if you are feeling adventurous.

Here’s the recipe.


  1. 1.Zobo (sorrel)
    2. Cucumber
    3. Cardamon sticks
    4. Cinnamon
    5. Cloves
  2. 6. Ginger
  3. 7. Ribena
  4. 8. Sprite
  5. 9. Ice cubes
  6. For garnishing; pineapple,lime&watermelon


  7. 1. Boil the sorrel,cardamon,cinnamon sticks,ginger&cloves. Sieve and allow to cool.
  8. 2. In a large jug, add the zobo, 2 parts of sprite, 1 part of Ribena juice. Ensure the Ribena juice and sprite are added chilled.
  9. 3. Stir all together then add cucumber cut into cubes, ice cubes,pineapple&watermelon(optional) and some lemon slices.
  10. 4. Plop in your ice-cubes and a slice of lemon or cucumber and serve cool.
  11. 5. Serve super chilled

Watch this video for more directions.

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