Going On A First Date? These 6 Tips Will Help You Get Fully Prepared

First Date Tips

He may not be your new lover, but he asked you out on a date, and you said ‘yes’. ‘Now, what?’ you ask.`

It is safe to say that you have to prepare for a first date. You may be anxious or nervous about it at first, but you certainly have to follow this guide to adequately prepare.

Here are tips on how to prepare for a first date:

1. Communicate about plans

First Date Tips

You should not be kept in the dark. Talk to your date about the plans. Be confident about what you say and don’t expect surprises.

He is either just becoming your boyfriend or isn’t yet your boyfriend. You shouldn’t expect so much from it anyway.

2. Discuss your preferences for food and games

If he suggests a place for you both to eat, you can always ask what food or drink they probably sell there. You won’t want to waste your money or his, right?

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3. Look at show times before you agree to see a movie

You may have a curfew, so you have to let him know that the movie should not be at such a late hour.

Check the schedule of movies on the cinema site for easier planning.

4. Dress appropriately, but be comfortable

You don’t have to try to impress him or anyone in during your date. You can set out one of your favourite outfits, but ensure you’re comfortable in it.

Also, don’t buy any outfit for the date except you’re going to need it for something else. A first date with him is one time.

5. Let a friend or family know where and what time you’re going

First Date Tips

This is for security purposes. It is necessary that you have the address of the venue of your date beforehand and tell a friend.

However, if there was a change of venue at the last minute, be sure to let someone know about the venue.

6. Plan an escape route

To avoid stories that touch, you must have a backup plan in terms of extra cash and an escape route just in case the date goes awry.

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