Nigerian female veteran table tennis player, Funke Oshonaike recently revealed her trials and triumphs in a Facebook post.

According to Oshonike, she has been spending her money to represent Nigeria lately and can’t remember the last time she was paid an allowance or the last time she was rewarded for winning for her country.

She also made it known that she got pregnant during her career and was confused about what to do but she kept it and was still playing professionally till she was seven months pregnant.She also played in the  All Africa Games in 2006  and won four gold medals for Nigeria barely six months old after giving birth.

She disclosed in a lengthy  Facebook post how she was physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally abused by a man 10 years older than her.She revealed this among other travails she faced while going up. She also disclosed that she was heartbroken when she caught her boyfriend in bed with another girl, a day before making the trip to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics and won an African championship despite carrying a pregnancy.

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Oshonaike disclosed all this due to the discouragement she was getting insisting that as a “superwoman”, she never gave up despite not being rewarded by the table tennis authorities after bringing honour to the country.

She insists that nothing is stopping her from perusing her dreams as she plans to content in Tokyo 2020  saying “So, to some of you discouraging me, you’re just encouraging me indirectly because I’ve gone through a lot in my life that has made me stronger than you. Live your life and allow others do the same. I am not giving up on my dreams…TOKYO 2020, HERE I COME.”

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