10 Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Gym Bag

If you are about to start going to the gym and you keep wondering what you should have in your gym bag in order to have a good work out, here are 10 essentials to have in your gym bag.

1. Sports Bra

A good sports bra would keep your breasts from feeling uncomfortable during your workout. It would help you to do all the ranges of motion you need to do freely and without being conscious of what your boobs are doing.

2. Firm Leggings

Just like the sports bra, you need firm leggings especially if you are just beginning your weight loss journey. This would help you to do your exercises comfortably and without thinking of whether your ass is jiggling.

3. Head and Hand Band

Exercising is no fun when sweat is pouring into your eyes and causing it to sting. Get a cute headband to avoid this from happening because the headband will help to keep the sweat from dripping down your face.

Make sure you take it off as soon as you are done working out to avoid pimples, rash or infection especially if you wear it on your forehead.

4. Socks

Comfortable socks will help you avoid blisters and keep your feet cushy. Try to wear wool socks because nylon socks would make your feet slide out of your shoes repeatedly.

5. Towel

Whether you sweat a little or a lot, you need a towel in your gym bag to wipe off the sweat so that it does not dry on your body. Make sure you change and wash this towel regularly to keep bacteria from growing in it.

6. Water bottle

Because of much you sweat during exercise, you tend to get dehydrated. Hence, you need to always make sure you have some water with you when you are exercising. Keep a water bottle in your gym bag to make sure that you have a good supply of water during your workouts.

7. Headphones

Who doesn’t like to listen to music while exercising? This is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated when exercising. Make sure you remember to pack your headphones or earphones when going to work out.

8. Comfortable Shoes

This one goes without saying right? Comfortable trainers are very important if you are going to work out in the gym. It would help you to keep your balance and do all the movements you need to do comfortably.

9. Armband for phone

If you struggle with where to keep your phone when exercising, you can get an armband for your phone that would keep your phone safe and make your work out comfortable.

10. Resistance Band

The resistance band would help you to maximize your glute and leg exercises and therefore, help you achieve your goals faster. Most gyms do not have resistance bands so it is advisable to carry your own set.

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