5 Health Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Women have a lot on their plate and it is very easy to neglect self-care. As much as women need to make out time for themselves they also need to be

It is easy to ignore some health symptoms because our body changes at different stages. Yet women need to be at alert to avoid life-threatening diseases.

Here are 5 health symptoms women should never ignore.

1. Extreme Tiredness

Looking at the workload women bear it is really easy to experience fatigue and extreme tiredness. Yet, your fatigue could be a sign of depression, sleep apnea, heart disease or even lung cancer.

Acute fatigue also can indicate hypothyroidism, which can be treated with a hormone, or anemia, treatable with iron or vitamin B12 shots. If you continuously feel tired seek medical attention

2. Unusual discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal, and we need it to keep the vagina moist and to protect us from developing infections. It is meant to be clear or white in color  But, if this changes and it becomes a different color or becomes smelly or more profuse, it may be a sign of a problem.

The causes can include common infections like bacterial vaginosis or thrush. It may also be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes or trichomoniasis.

If left untreated, these STIs can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which is an infection of the reproductive organs, which can be serious and lead to infertility.

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3. Abdominal Bloating and Pain, Change in Bowel Habits

Abdominal bloating and pain or a change in bowel habits can indicate a serious condition like colon cancer. So get a diagnosis before symptoms become severe. These symptoms also can signal ovarian cancer, inflammatory bowel syndrome or diverticulitis.

 4. Pain or Discomfort in Chest

This could be a major sign of heart disease. The signs of coronary artery disease, which can lead to a heart attack, are not always obvious in women. If you have trouble exerting yourself, have discomfort or pain in your chest or you’re just not feeling normal, see a doctor immediately.

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5. Breast Lumps

Lumps in your breast could signal breast cancer. Not all lumps in the breast might be cancerous yet it is advisable to examine them monthly to detect any new masses or lumps.

Cancerous lumps usually feel like small stones or rocks in your breasts while non-cancerous lumps are typically more tender and change with your menstrual cycle.


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