Follow These 9 Steps To Plan A Successful Wedding On Zoom

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Photo Credit: Love Weddings Ng

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected many plans forcing intending couples to cancel their wedding plans.

However, some couples have decided to go on with their plans by opting to do it online via Zoom.

Harvesters Church held its first Zoom wedding in April and just recently Media personality,  Vimbai Mutinhiri also wedded her beau in Calabar.

You can plan yours also without stress and here are ways to do it.

1. Send Online Invitations

You can send out an invitation via e-vite or email. Designing your own email invites is the perfect way to get your guests excited about your wedding.

Instructions are arguably even more important right now, so your “guests” know what to expect. The date and time should obviously be on there, along with information about a forthcoming Zoom link, RSVP details, and a dress code.

You can try a site like Greenvelope or Paperless Post to create customised digital invites.

Also, consider things like whether you want your guests to do a champagne toast at the end of the ceremony? Should guests have a specific Zoom background photo-ready? Are you expecting them to partake in a celebratory meal together? That kind of information all belongs to the invitation.

Imposing a dress code for your guests will get them even more excited about the occasion.

2. Select your preferred platform

There are several different platforms that you can choose from for your virtual wedding—Google Hangout, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Zoom. Zoom however seems like the most preferred video conferencing tool.

With any ordinary Zoom account, you can have up to 100 attendees. The session will automatically end after 40 minutes, so make sure to specify the duration of the meeting when setting it up.

It’s best to keep it as small and as intimate as possible if you want to have more interaction with your guests and to ensure disorganisation.

Also make sure that the infrastructure is set up on whatever platform you are using and ensure that the link is sent to key parties, including the officiant, any loved ones participating in the ceremony, as well as a witness.

3. Choose your wedding dress

In the event that you are not wearing your wedding dress or saving it for the wedding proper, opt for colours that are bright to symbolize celebration and add an additional burst of brightness and happiness.

4. Look for hair and makeup inspiration

Since you can’t have your makeup and hairstylist around you, now is the best time to learn some skills.

Check YouTube for some tutorials, and practice a look before the big day. Keep it simple, and let your natural beauty shine through to keep your wedding photos timeless.

Huggies Nappy Pants

For hair, try soft curls or a simple sleek bun whatever you think complements your outfit best. Now isn’t the time to try and discover your inner stylist, so the simpler the look, the harder it is to mess up.

5. Set Up and decorate your venue

What’s a wedding without a beautiful decor? Your living room probably wasn’t your dream wedding venue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it.

If you have access to a garden, perhaps your own or that of a family member, consider creating your own bridal bouquet by bounding a few blooms together with a ribbon.

6. Create a playlist

Create a playlist with songs you know your friends and family will enjoy so you can dance together after the ceremony. Some apps, such as Spotify, will allow you to make collaborative playlists so your guests can add some of their favorite tunes.

7. Capture memories

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, regardless of whether things go exactly how you might have imagined them. You’re going to want to look back on this special moment for years to come.

Make sure you have your device set to screen record so you can watch back from your guests’ perspective. This also covers you if you have any connectivity issues during the ceremony. It might also be a good idea to get different angles, so maybe invest in tripods and set up whatever other cameras or phones you have to get a better view.

Put your videography skills to the test and edit these clips together to share with your friends who didn’t attend the Zoom meeting. Or, better yet, send them on to your wedding photographer for a professional wedding video!

8. Cut your cake

No wedding is complete without a cake.No matter how small, try to get a cake for your virtual wedding. You can bake one with the help of Youtube videos or better still, order from a cake vendor around you.

9. Enjoy every moment

Remember, your wedding is about so much more than venues and appearances. Whatever happens, enjoy the moment with the love of your life.

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