Have Short Hair? This Afro Drawstring Bun Would Come To Your Rescue Immediately

Some of us always have issues with styling our hair. We see well styled hair like bantu knots, twists or up-dos online and we wish our hair could look that good.

While on the other hand, some ladies envy those who have full fro and wish that theirs can look same way.

Not to worry though, the chic afro bun is the solution for both ladies with natural and retouched hair. The exciting thing about this bun is that it is very affordable and can be used over and over again.

For this style, you don’t need too many tools. You will need:

  •  Eco styling gel to lay your edges
  • Afro bun or faux bun
  • A good comb or brush
  • Hair band

This Is How To Use Perm Rods To Style Natural Hair

We have the perfect video below

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