5 Types Of Food That You Shouldn’t Miss At Any Igbo Traditional Wedding Ceremony


Igbo traditional weddings are a festive affair. From the outfits to the ceremonials, to the dancing, music and eventually the food.

Food is such an important aspect of the Igba Nkwu (Igbo traditional wedding) so much so that the bride is expected to find her husband and feed him some palm-wine.

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There are certain foods that you would find and you should try to eat at an Igbo traditional wedding. Here are 5 of them.

1. Abacha

Abacha is one of those delicacies that people wish they can eat in large quantities. But at Igbo traditional weddings, it is usually served as a starter or an appetiser. It is a delicious meal that is made from shredded and dried cassava.

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2. Akpu and Ofe Oha

This is one meal that most men would go for. Oha soup is an Igbo delicacy that is loved by many people, Igbo or not. It is a staple at most Igbo functions and can be eaten with Garri, Akpu and any other swallow.

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3. Garri and Ofe Onugbu

This another delicacy that you would find in an Igbo traditional wedding. It is a very delicious and healthy meal and the soup can be eaten on its own. It is not the easiest soup to make as bitter leaf can be difficult to work with.

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4. Ugba

Ugba is a dish that is usually mistaken for Abacha. However, they are not the same. Some people like mixing Ugba with Abacha and that is a delicious combination. Ugba is also known in some Igbo households as Ukpaka and it is a staple at Igbo traditional weddings.

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5. Nkwobi

Nkwobi is a dish that is loved all across Nigeria. It is a delicacy that is made with assorted meats, spices and vegetables. It is usually served to guests at an Igbo traditional wedding.

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