This Keto Bitterleaf Soup Recipe Will Improve Your Low Carb Diet


If you want to go on a low-carb diet, the Keto Bitterleaf soup recipe is perfect for you.

It doesn’t have any starchy components or additives, but it’s still bitter leaf soup.

Keto Bitterleaf Soup is great for weight loss and for all those looking to reduce carbs in their diet.

Below are instructions for the keto-friendly bitter leaf soup:


1. Washed and squeezed bitter leaf (handful)

2. Red Palm Oil – 3 cooking spoons

3. Assorted Beef: Includes cow ribs, best cut, shaki (cow tripe) etc

4. Dry fish – two pieces.

5. Stock fish – 3 cuts

6. Fresh catfish – 5 cuts

7. Pepper and salt -to taste

8. Ground crayfish – 2 tablespoons

9. Low carb seasoning cube – 1 cube

10. Ogiri Igbo (traditional seasoning) – 1 teaspoon


1. Cut off the skin of the fish.

2. Place the meat and skinned fish into a pot, add the seasoning cube, pour water so they can boil.

3.As soon as the fish is soft, remove bones and break it into pieces then pound in a mortar till smooth. You can also use a food processor or a normal blender (with as little water as possible) to turn it into a smooth puree.

4. When the meat is done, add ogiri, crayfish, dry fish, stock fish (ensure you’ve soaked the stock fish in salt water, cleaned it and removed the bones, as well as the dry fish), pounded catfish, bitter leaves and palm oil.

5. Cover the pot and continue cooking on medium to high heat, adjust at intervals.

6. As soon as the bitter leaves are soft, add pepper and salt to your taste.

7. Stir very well and taste.

8. Serve with any keto or low-carb fufu meal. If you are not on a keto diet, serve with any Nigerian fufu meal.

There you have it! Your meal is ready. Watch the video tutorial below for a clearer presentation:

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