This Is What Kiki Osinbajo Is Doing To Empower Ladies In The Beauty Business

Everyone may refer to her as the daughter of Nigeria’s Vice President, but Kiki Osinbajo is the young CEO and the brain behind the beauty company, Glam’d Africa.

She is a woman with a determined spirit and a clear vision for what she wants to achieve as a budding entrepreneur.

Just recently in Abuja, Kiki Osinbajo launched just one of the company’s businesses, the beauty house concession based facility, Glam’d Africa Beauty House, a one-stop venue for all things beauty related, clothing, accessories, skincare, hair products, makeup and a nail salon.

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In a recent interview with Bellanaija,  Kiki explained how she intends to empower young beauty practitioners.

”This is actually one of my favourite parts of what we’re doing. We have a program called Glam’d Trains which provides free basic beauty services training. We did one earlier this year for residents of Abuja interested in becoming nail technicians. Two of the trainees eventually went back to university and actually called me to say thank you because they were now making extra money in school. Another trainee sent me a message to ask if she could come back and work as an intern at the nail bar we just opened called Nailed It. She wanted to learn more and become a professional. She’s with us now.

We will continue to provide educational opportunities with professional master classes and tutorials. Nigeria has a big market for makeup artists and beauty technicians. A part of our facilities include an affordable co-working space for makeup artists who can’t afford to rent a private office or salon space. We try to empower women and men in a few different ways but, at the end of the day, it is a way of giving us an avenue to help people learn new skill sets or to discover new vocational interests. It’s also pushing the work of those behind the local brands we carry, helping to turn the ‘Made in Nigeria’ movement into more of a lifestyle. Nigerians as a whole are doing amazing things. It’s so rewarding to see people producing quality merchandise. I want to support that and promote it. We shouldn’t buy things just because they are made in Nigeria and it fits a hashtag. We should buy them because we recognize that these ‘Made in Nigeria’ products are good quality products”.

Glam’d Africa is the umbrella company under which she intends to pave her way and leave her unique mark in the continually growing beauty industry.