10 Braided Bob Styles To Make You Look Beautiful This Week

Braided and weaving styles can never run out of vogue and this is the absolute truth. From shuku to all back, down to patewo, this hairstyle keeps trending.

The braided bob style went into extinction some years ago but we can sure say that it is back. Done into ghana weaving and styled with hair clips, it is definitely the style to rock this season.

Below are some lovely braided bob styles.

1. This simple but beautiful braided bob

2. This  two-toned hair looks very lovely

3. A bit of length was added to give this more pomp

4. You can make them big too

5. You can add a bit of weaving and more length to stand out.

6. These are indeed beautiful

7. Make yours very full and it’d still be lovely

8. Accessorize with lots of hair clips for more style

9. This style is also not bad.

10. A side part will give you all the elegance you want and more.