The Maryam Sanda Saga: What Would Make A Wife Kill Her Husband?

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The recent incidence of Maryam Sanda, wife to late Baliyaminu Bello-Haliru son of a former PDP Chairman stabbing her husband to death has raised several questions in the minds of people.

We often hear of men beating their wives to death but what would push a woman to take her husband’s life ? This is one of the numerous bones of contentions in a case that has become a national point of talk.

Although the accused has now been arrested and charged to court to face trial for the murder of her husband, one still has to wonder what was going through her mind at the supposed moment she stabbed her husband while he was praying.

The tragic incidence reportedly stemmed from a text message Maryam had seen on her husband’s phone and interpreting it as an evidence of infidelity, she took offence and started fighting the deceased. Family members who were around came to intervene and when they thought she was calm enough left.

Unknown to them, Maryam was not done dealing with her husband. According to reports, while her husband was praying, Maryam took a sharp knife and stabbed her partner in the back, chest and groin all while he was begging for his life.

From all what we know so far, Maryam’s decision to end her husband’s life stemmed majorly from the feeling of being cheated on, lied to, made a fool of of and may be neglected because of the nemesis known as the ‘other woman.’

Although we are yet to hear Maryam’s side of the story what we can learn from this saddening event so far is that

1.  Money is not everything

Maryam and her husband obviously had a more comfortable  life than many, but that did not stop the unfortunate from happening.

2. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned

Jealousy accounts for a large percentage of crimes committed by women against men.

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3. Infidelity can actually cause death in more ways than one.

Asides the ever hanging threat of a sexually transmitted disease, a man’s life can end this way as well.

While we wait to see the outcome of this trial, it would do to remember that a marriage is also not a guarantee of happiness; we should make the most of what we are given.