10 Surprising Natural Ways To Get Fuller Eyebrows Quickly

Beauty gurus have attested to the fact that the eyebrows are important to the general shape of a woman’s face. Without the eyebrows, the appearance of the face will be altered significantly. This is why it is important to have properly groomed eyebrows. This is also why many women are interested in how to grow fuller eyebrows quickly.

However, some of us are not blessed with naturally full eyebrows, while some others have been a little too happy with their tweezers and razors, leaving them with little or no hair.

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Here are some simple ways to grow fuller eyebrows quickly.

1. Exfoliate the eyebrow area:

Stimulation is very important to the growth of hair and cell repair. Our eyebrow area needs to be rid of the dirt and gunk that has been trapped deep in the follicles and this can only be done through exfoliation.

2. Stop plucking and shaving:

This is not the time to pick up the razors. It is the time to trash them, hide them or simply give them away. It is important to leave your eyebrows to grow out to a certain level of fullness before shaping or threading them into your desired shape.

3. Massage your eyebrows:

Regular massages in any area of the body help to increase blood flow in that region thereby causing development and growth. Massaging the eyebrows regularly and with light hands help to improve blood circulation.

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4. Rub castor or jojoba oil on your eyebrows:

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Castor oil has been used to grow out hair for many years and thousands of people swear by it. Jojoba oil also mimics sebum, the natural oil our skin produces thereby making it a great moisturizer for the eyebrows. Get a clean mascara wand, dip it in any of the two oil or better still, a mixture of the two and brush through your eyebrows with it.

5. Moisturize your eyebrows:


Many of us moisturize our body and face but neglect our eye area, specifically the eyebrows and eyelashes. We forget that these parts need moisture just as much as the other parts of our body in order to develop properly. Moisturise regularly with oil or glycerine for faster results.

6. Coat your eyebrows with Vaseline:

For moisture retention, you can coat your eyebrows with vaseline at night to keep the moisture trapped in so as to make the eyebrows grow quickly.

7. Introduce Steam:

The same way you steam your face and body after exfoliating to open up the pores (I hope you do) is the same way you should gently steam area. This helps to improve circulation and growth.

8. Eat a healthier diet:

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This should go without saying but overall beauty starts from within. If you are looking to develop any part of your body, you have to eat a healthy diet, making sure to include healthy fats and protein.

9. Exercise moderately:

Exercise helps in blood circulation and to increase the heart rate. This would cause a good distribution of nutrients around the body that would in turn help to spur eyebrow growth.

10.Use supplements and serums:

If all else does not seem to be working as quickly as you desire, use all natural eyebrow growth serums. You can also use hair supplements like MSM and Biotin to boost growth but make sure you contact your medical practitioner before doing so.


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