5 Made-In-Nigeria Natural Skincare Brands You Need To Get Your Hands On

Every woman craves for smooth and supple skin, however, with the amount of damage our skin goes through because of overexposure to chemicals and pollution glowing skin seems to be unattainable.

The search for good skin care products can be quite daunting, there are so many out there that are filled with chemicals why others are just expensive yet there’s good news.

A number of made-in-Nigeria skin care brands are making life easier. If you are looking for chemical free skin care products that  actually work and are equally affordable you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many natural skincare brands out there but we made sure to include the tested and trusted ones in this list.

From Arami Essentials to Moore Organics here are 5 made-in-Nigeria, natural skincare brands you need to try out.

1. Arami Essentials

Arami Essentials is  definitely top on our list. Not only does the brand have superb packaging they also have a great range of products from body scrubs, to glow oils and even face masks.

2. Ajali Handmade Naturals

Ajali is another top natural skincare brand. They make body scrubs, body butters, lip scrubs, balms and konjac sponges from the scratch. They also pay great attention to detail and their packaging is top notch

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3. R&R Luxury

R&R Luxury is one of the pioneers of natural skincare in Nigeria and they keep waxing stronger day by day. The brand prides seems to have a thing for Shea as they have a whole range of shea products as well.

4. Ewami Essentials

Ewami essentials is another natural brand we’ve got on our radar. This brand caters to both skincare and haircare and this is super thoughtful. From cleansing oils, to scrubs and toners this brand has got it all.


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Hey guys, It’s no new that organic and natural products are becoming more popular as people are becoming conscious of what they put on their skin and hair on a daily basis. We understand the need to maintain a flawless skin, enhance skin glow and brightening(because exposing your skin to rays from sunlight could actually tan or darken you) so we carefully formulate products that will cater to that with the best of ingredients that include 100% organic ones, fruits acids and plant extracts to bring you back to youthfulness. Why not act now and tell a friend Offices: no 31 oshuntokun avenue old bodija ibadan No 6a UBA road Chevy view estate off chevron drive lekki Lagos Call:07031551422, 09091419795 WhatsApp: 08157677403 Website: www.ewamiessentials.com Instagram: @ewami_essentials

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5.Moore Organics

Last but not the least is Moore Organics another skincare brand that’s your go-to for essential oils and carrier oils as well. Looking for the best activated charcoal in Nigeria? Moore Organics is definitely the plug.

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