Excited About This Discount Month? Here Are 10 Important Skincare Products You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s discount month! You are wondering what you should spend that money on.

Don’t think too much. Hurry! Your skin care products will last you till next year. Of course, that’s if you use them moderately.

Go to stores and shop for these important skincare products on discount before the prices go up again.

Here are skincare products you should check out for:

1. Fat burner slimming cream

This hot slimming cream helps you burn belly fat by massaging your belly with the cream.

You get to buy it at the rate of N1,216 with the old price being N2,860.

2.Essential Oils

Take care of your skin by purchasing your coconut oil, olive oil, carrot oil and others at discounted prices!

Get your Lavender Essential Oil for N1,530. It is no more N4,000!

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3. Sunscreen

Get your cheap sunscreen for a discounted price of N1,155. You don’t have to run away from the old price of N3,776 anymore.

4. Serum

You can get Complex forte brightening cream on Jumia for N2,510 instead of N2,950. If this is too high for you, try other stores on discount.

5. Face Cream

Get a beautiful face cream this month and use it till next year comes.

You can get White face cream for N5,950 instead of N6,500. Check online stores for more discounted face cream products.

6. Facial scrub

Treat your face with gentle facial scrubs. Guess what? They are not so expensive anymore.

You can now get Apricot facial scrub for N1,880 at Jumia. If not for the discount, you’d buy it N2,350.

7. Face cleanser

Treat your face with these healthy ingredients in facial cleansers for eliminating dirt or makeup from your face.

The old price is N3800 with new price being N2,850.

8. Anti-fungal cream

Get your anti-fungal cream to fight germs from your body and remove acne.

Old price is N900, new price is N785. You can also get it at cheaper rates, even below N500.

9. Even-tone Body Lotion

You should definitely get an even-tone body lotion to balance your complexion.

Carrot toning body lotion costs N3,200 with old price as N4,000

10. Bath Wash

Your bath wash is even cheaper now than ever. The old price is N2,500. Now, you can get it at N1,000.


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