Genevieve Nnaji’s Thoughts On Feminism Is Everything You Need To Read Today

The recent rise in the status of today’s women coupled with the knowledge of feminism has caused an uproar in the world.  Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji expressed where she stands in a recent interview she had with Women and Hollywood, an on-line platform for women.

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Basking in the euphoria of the acquisition of worldwide rights to her movie by Neflix, the actress said she embraces her femininity and she’s proud to be one.

The ace actress said, “I’m a proud feminist who embraces her femininity. I feel sometimes women are made to feel self-conscious and ashamed of their womanhood. Perhaps like ‘Wonder Woman’, we may wake up one day to discover that it is our superpower, and then we would be unstoppable.”

She was also asked if she had any advice for other female directors, her response was; “I don’t consider myself qualified enough yet to give advice, to be honest, and so I say this to my peers as I say to myself daily: eliminate fear and self-doubt”.


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