Here Is Why You Should Try The Powder Before Foundation Beauty Hack

Why You Should Apply Powder Before Foundation

We guess you are shocked to read that powder should be applied before foundation. Yes, we were once as shocked as you are but now we know better. Experts have proved that this is the best way to apply makeup.

The powder is usually the final “setting” step to seal foundation and concealer, but skin experts suggest that using it before the foundation can keep your makeup in place for longer and give a better finish.

These are the steps to follow for the powder before the foundation makeup beauty technique.

1. Prep the skin

Start prepping the skin with a bit of moisturizer. If you have dry skin, it is best to exfoliate, then moisturize.

2. Prime the skin

Use any primer that works best for you.

3. Powder the skin

Here is where the routine changes from the usual! This tip literally helps the skin hold foundation longer and helps fill in some fine lines and pores all the while helping the skin look ‘like your skin but better’.

4. Follow with Foundation

Now it is time to go in with whatever your desired foundation is. Whether it is a cream, liquid, tinted moisturizer, or mineral-based foundation apply to the skin with your hands, a brush, a beauty blender, or a silicone makeup sponge.

5. Follow with Powder again

If you have dry skin, you don’t have to apply powder again, while anyone with combination or oily skin can take a second to go over the skin with a swift light dusting of powder on the areas that you tend to get shine throughout the day.

This means that your mid-day disappearing foundation act will be a thing of the past and your Shiny t-zone days are also over!

We have the perfect makeup tutorial by Dimma Umeh