Watch Rihanna Share Her 3-Step Skincare Routine Using Her New ‘Fenty Skin’ Products

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Singer turned beauty entrepreneur, Rihanna has shared her 3-step nighttime routine in a new video for Harper’s Bazaar’s series, ‘Go To Bed With Me’  using products from her recently launched skincare line Fenty Skin.

The 32-year-old is also the star cover for their September issue.

For the first step, Rihanna took off her full face of makeup by using Fenty Skin’s two-in-one cleanser and makeup remover dubbed Total Cleanser.

“My skin feels really supple and really soft, because as I was cleansing our Total Cleanser adds nutrients right back into your skin. So you don’t get that dry stripy feeling,” she shared in the video after completing her first step.

For the second step, she used her Fat Water toning product, which helps “refining and reducing pores, my favorite, because the smaller the pores the younger you look. And at 32 I’m all about keeping it tight,” she shared.

Adding, “What I love most about this toner is the fact that it does not strip away your skin, it leaves moisture in your skin, it adds moisture to your skin.”

Rihanna finished her bedtime skincare routine with Fenty Skin Moisturizer, which she said she is pretty proud of.

“This is a product that I’m really really proud of, because I come from the islands and I grew up around coral reefs, and our Fenty Skin Moisturizer has an added sunscreen SPF 30, it’s also a 2-in-1. Our SPF is coral reef-friendly,” she shared.

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Asides her products, Rihanna also revealed “some of the best tips” she has received about skincare: “hydration” and a “healthy diet.”

“Whether it’s drinking a lot of water or I travel a lot, so my skin gets dry on the plane and I need it to stay hydrated, so I use our Fenty Beauty hydrating mist,” she said. “It’s a makeup refreshing mist, but it also doubles as a hydrating mist.”