5 Safety Tips For Ladies Travelling Solo

People think women who love to travel alone are brave and daring and they are not far from the truth. Considering the kind of stories we get to hear daily. Nevertheless, live we must.

Apart from the few disadvantages that come with travelling alone, it sure does have its perks like every other thing.

Reasons for travelling could range from recreation, tourism, to vacationing or research travel. Whichever, the case may be live while you still can.

For the globetrotters jetting out solo, here are a few tips you should note.

1. Research and plan ahead

Research your destination and plan ahead. Before you travel to any place, ensure that you have all the necessary information.

The knowledge comes in handy when assessing the environment. Find out if men in the area are particularly forward or have a tendency to approach female travelers. Know the typical tourist scams pulled off in the area, how to get around (transportation), the kind of food they have, the local customs, the local dress codes, religious beliefs and the rules and regulations guiding the inhabitants. Book a few things in advance, like accommodation.

Also, consider learning some travel skills before you leave, like how to orient a map and use a compass.  It’s also useful to know a few phrases in the local language if it is different from yours.

2. Pack light

Remember to pack only what you essentially need. When you are travelling solo, there is no one to watch your stuff when you need to take a break or quickly dash off to some place.

It is important that your luggage is light enough for you to move around with. The must-haves include cash, credit cards, your passport or ID camera and travel-size toiletries. Aside from the advantage of more mobility, you will save more money with light luggage.

3. Be Alert

It may not seem just, but if you are a woman, especially a young one, you need to be far more careful and watch yourself and your environment. You use common sense and trust your instincts. Do not take chances! Read situations and if you feel in any way uncomfortable or nervous, get out of there. If you don’t trust someone, avoid telling them that you are alone.

Do not mention where you are staying, especially if you feel uncomfortable. It is not rude to be cautious. Guard your belongings. When you are in public places, be sure to keep your bag towards the front of your body and zips done up at all times.

If you must drink, drink for fun, not to get wasted. Most importantly, walk with confidence and stay aware of your surroundings. If you notice anything odd, raise an alarm or report to the authorities. When you travel solo, it’s important to remember that you are your only eyes and ears to ensure you and your belongings are safe.

4. Blend In

You are always most vulnerable when you are not on your home turf, it is important to know how and when to blend in. Theoretically, women should be able to dress how they like wherever they go, but in this case, it is just not realistic. Be sure to take a visual note of what others around you are wearing and follow suit.

Dress conservatively, or at least like a local when necessary. This might mean covering your hair, cutting out trousers, wearing long sleeves or loose clothes, etc.  It is important you do this, that way you reduce chances of drawing undue attention to yourself.

In addition to blending in, it is essential to exude confidence at all times or at least maintain the appearance of it.

5. Stay in touch

Ensure you have all emergency contacts: bank, credit card company, insurance company, lawyer, place of work, and if you are out of the country, your country’s embassies.

Also important, stay in touch with family and friends too, so they know you’re safe.  Social media is a great tool when travelling solo. A simple check-in at a new location or a quick photo upload will help to keep your family and friends back home in the know where exactly you are, what you are doing, and that you are okay.

It is an excellent idea for one chosen friend or family member to have a copy of your travel plan in advance: your flight numbers, your accommodation, and a general schedule of where you will be on which dates, as well as information on your travel insurance, credit cards, and a bank account number. Letting people know where and when you will be travelling is a very good safety blanket.

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