Social media is buzzing about the actual Nigerian, Sope Aluko, in Marvel Studio’s soon to be released Black Panther. 

Aluko has actually been acting for years, but with the star power and limelight behind Marvel Universe movies, her luck is bound to change.

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Here are 7 fun facts you didn’t know about Sola Aluko

Sope Aluko At Black Panther Premiere

1.  Sola Aluko was born in in Nigeria but grew up in United Kingdom.

2. Her father is a diplomat so she moved around a lot while growing up. She has been to countries like France, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, and Indonesia.

3. Aluko received an undergraduate degree in Engineering and a master’s degree in Marketing. After a very successful career in the corporate arena in both London and the US, she turned her sight back onto acting and performing.

4. Aluko speaks four different languages, including her native language, Yoruba

5. Aluko attended drama classes at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and extended her study into dance.

Sope Aluko with Chadwick Boseman, ‘Black Panther’

6. She has starred in several American series and movies including Pitch Perfect 2, Identity Thief, Parks & Recreation, Law And Order SUV, Graceland, Army wives and will be in 2019 Movie The Best Of Enemies alongside Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell.

7. She is married and has two kids.

Sope Aluko and family