7 Things You Should Never Put On Your C.V

Most people search for jobs without having the right information. Getting it right when applying for a job is as important as getting the job.

Most employers meet you through your C.V (Curriculum Vitae) that’s why you need to provide the right information.

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As you would want to be well represented, unnecessary information needs to removed from your C.V so as not to turn the employer off.

This post will inform you about 7 things that shouldn’t be added to your C.V when applying for that dream job.

1.Personal And Private Information

Your employer is not interested in your private life so do not include your personal information in your C.V. The information includes your marital status, blood group, age, state of origin and many more.

2.Primary Education

Your employer cares less about where you had your primary education. It doesn’t have anything to do with the job you’re applying for. Therefore, keep it away from your C.V.

3.Irrelevant Achievements

Achievements that have nothing to do with your career or job should be left out of a good C.V. Don’t bore your employers with irrelevant achievements.

4.Your Photo

You do not need to include your photo or passport when submitting your C.V in any organization except it was required. Your employer will meet you when an interview date is fixed.


Most people make the mistake of adding their hobbies to their C.V. It’s wrong! Your hobby has nothing to do with the professional world. Keep it away from your C.V.

6.An Unprofessional Email Address

Unprofessional e-mail addresses like cutejoy@yahoo.com or some other funky e-mail address should not be included in your C.V. A professional e-mail address that includes your name and surname only should be used instead.

7.Salary Information

Do not include your past or present salary information on your C.V. Also, your intended salary shouldn’t be added to your C.V, your employer will ask you during your interview.

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