5 Things To Consider Before Saying ‘Yes’ To That Potential Boyfriend

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Are you contemplating going into a relationship and still worried about if you are making the right choice? There is no need to be. Relationships these days take more than they used to- more care, attention, and love and before you go into one, you should be very sure.

Here are a few things to consider before going into one

1. Do you at least have a common interest?

What better way to stay connected to a spouse or partner without having common basic interests? In the first few weeks, the eagerness to stay on the phone chatting for several hours can be very convincing.

But as you progress, reality starts to reveal things in a clearer perspective and you both begin to understand each other better. If after a while, there is nothing you two can selflessly indulge in aside from the romantic talks, then things will fall apart no matter how hard you try.

2. Can you have fun together?

You both must do fun things together, play silly games like video games, card games, movies or even watching football. Lovers who do things together, stay together, and grow into best friends and lovers. All of these little hobbies and engagements create a stronger bond between you two, and as time progresses, your relationship will blossom.

3. Are you on the same page?

Technically, we jump to conclusions just before taking the ride. It could be as a result of the images we’ve conjured in our minds, and as alluring as these sweet feelings may get, it can blow up in our faces, if we are not careful.

There are a lot of guys around just looking to catch enough fun, some of them are coded and they won’t really come off as unserious at first. That is why it is ideal to not get overly excited, stay woke, be in the know, and keep your eyes open.

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4. Does he want you only for sex?

You can easily spot them with the vibes they give off when they get careless. Some of them may become very keen about sex with you because the fun part of you is what they’re basically interested in. For instance, if your guy always wants to have sex whenever you are around even though you’re not in the mood, it might be a warning sign that he’s selfishly interested in only sex with you.

5. Can it lead to marriage?

If you are thinking of settling down, then you just don’t want to date for the sake of it, you want someone you can get married too. A long-term partner would be about your welfare, they’ll pamper you and make sure that you’re okay always. Even though we are all a little selfish as humans, the love a partner has for his other half makes it easier for them to care.

There’s no hurry with the one you want to spend quality time with, they’ll always understand if you’re sometimes off track, worried, or not just in the mood. But if you both want different things, the understanding will waver and misunderstanding will set in, thereby leading to unnecessary fights and arguments.


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