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4 Things To Expect If You Date A Broke Guy

Remember, the hit song ‘No Romance Without Finance’?

Yes, that’s what this post is about.

Love is a good thing but the issue of finance is an even more important topic.

Many ladies are stuck in relationships with broke and financially unstable men just because they don’t want to appear materialistic.

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Trust me, you are doing yourself more harm than good if you are in this situation.

Let me run you through some of the things to expect if you are about to date one or are already dating one.

1. No fun in the relationship

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So you see a very nice outfit that you admire or you just want to go places together e.g to see a movie, event, date, etc, bear in mind that a broke guy will not be able to afford these things, not because he is stingy but because he doesn’t have the financial capacity.

What is the essence of a relationship without all these things involved?

2. Your money becomes our money

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Are you ready to become the sole provider of your relationship? If not, Girl, you need to flee from that one-sided romance. Understand that you will be giving him money for various reasons at different times under the guise of borrowing, money he may never return.

If you think you are securing your future and that you will get married, remember that life happens and you may never get that ring. by now, you have probably heard different heartbreaking stories of ladies who gave their all only to be dumped at the end of the day.

3. He may come off as moody  and clingy

Broke guys over time become moody and also clingy to their partners.

This is because not being able to afford their money and expenses may get them frustrated. No man likes to be dependent on anyone, truth be told.

He will also become insecure, wanting to know your every movement, and will, in turn, pour this frustration on you. He may even become violent in the process.

4. He may become laid back and lazy

We are now in times where there are a lot of men looking for innocent women to leach on. Gone are the times when men had an ego and always wanted to provide.

It is now easier to see a man that has no job than an idle woman. He may get used to you taking care of all the expenses thereby becoming comfortable knowing that you are capable of meeting all his needs.

The choice is yours, Ladies.



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