Christmas is just around the corner and we know a lot of us are getting our shopping for the festive season done gradually.

With the recession and the persistent hike in prices, getting the best value for your money should be of paramount interest to you. Even if you are not so bothered, now could be a good time to hone your bargaining skills.

Just as you know, the closer we get to yuletide the more difficult it would be to shop with ease but to make your shopping experience this year worth all the hassle, here are four tips you should consider

1. Look out for bargains

Its the end of the year and almost every store is looking for ways to clear their stock by giving discounts. You can save a lot of money by looking out for those ones who still have quality stock for sale at reasonable prices. By the time you put the monies you have save all on your purchase, you will be shocked at how much money you have left.

2. Refuse to buy on impulse

Impulse buying during festive period s can be very common but it doesn’t translate to buying the best quality either. For instance, shop and store owners want to get rid of items that have stayed the whole year in their stock so they drop prices. An impulse buyer will unknowingly pick items that her faulty or damaged in a rush thinking they are getting a good bargain. Don’t fall victim to this too. Rather wait till when you have enough time to examine good s you purchase properly.

3. Check online stores too

Online shopping has made buying goods very easy to do even without stepping out of the comfort of your home. Fortunately most online stores also have end of the year sales so you can still save money while saving yourself some stress.

4. Start shopping now

Even the most ardent shoppers will tell you that there are just some time of the year it is not advisable to attempt shopping e.g Christmas Eve. Waiting till the very last minute to get your shopping done puts you at risk of buying unnecessary item, over-spending, stress and lack of attention to detail. So no matter how tight your schedule is, make out time to do your shopping now and get it out of the way. Then you can relax and enjoy the yuletide with everyone else.