Togo Appoints Victoire Tomégah Dogbé Appointed As It’s First Female Prime Minister

Togo has appointed Victoire Tomégah Dogbé as its first female Prime Minister.

Her appointment follows the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Komi Selom Klassou on Friday.

Tomegah-Dogbe has held several ministerial positions since 2008, including recently that of development minister, and also chief of staff of the president’s office.

Born December 1959, Victoire Sidémèho Tomegah-Dogbé, is originally from Badougbé on the shores of Lake Togo.

She began her professional career in the private sector after obtaining a master’s degree in Economics and Management at the University of Benin, now the University of Lomé; before joining the United Nations Development Programme in 1998.

She has been the minister of Grassroots Development, Handicrafts, Youth and Youth Employment since 2008, as well as director of the cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic since 2009.

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