8 Essential Items To Help Every Bride Handle Any Emergency On Her Wedding Day

With hustle and bustle of last-minute preparations for the big day, it is very easy to forget some important items a bride might need at her wedding.

These items may seem small and insignificant but the whole scheme of things can determine if everything will go smooth sailing, or the bride will throw a fit if things don’t get done.

Making a checklist of items, that the bride might need makes it easier to plan ahead and make provision for them. Especially if the wedding venue will be far away from home, this list will help you be as prepared as possible for any eventuality.


1. A makeup kit

Make sure you have a make-up back-up kit on hand for any mascara runs or lipstick smudges. Clear powder is always a winner, too – perfect for getting rid of any shine before your photos.

2. Tissue or handkerchief

Even if you’re not renowned for tears, you never know when it comes to your special day. Pack some tissues just to be on the safe side – you never know when all the emotion of the day will get too much.

3. Baby wipes

Useful for any make-up mishaps, or simply to wipe off any spillages, baby wipes really are an essential for your wedding day emergency kit… a real bridal saviour!

4.  Mini sewing kit

You never know when they can come in handy. Mini sewing kits come complete with scissors, needles, threads, extra buttons, hair pins and safety pins – all very useful when it comes to a wedding dress emergency.

5. Umbrella

If your wedding is taking place during the rainy season, make sure to have an umbrella close by as you never know what the weather the day of your wedding will be.

6. Sanitary Towel

To avoid any inconveniences and surprises, caused by Aunty Flo, it is best to have sanitary towels handy, remember better safe than sorry.

7. Chewing gum/mints

No one wants to be a bride with bad breath so pack the chewing gum to make sure your breath is fresh. Just remember to take it out before the ceremony, then look forward to a fresh first kiss with your groom.

8. Flat shoes

Wearing heels all day long can get a bit much, so pack the ballet pumps for when your feet start aching or just in time to bust some moves on the dancefloor. We’ve got lots of tips on when it comes to picking the best heels for you to save you from the pain,

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