15 Words You Should Never Say To Your Partner In A Relationship

things you should never say in a relationship

Relationships require a lot of effort to make them work. You and your partner are not perfect and there are bound to be misunderstandings and rifts.

Understanding this, it is vital that we are careful of our speech especially towards our significant other.

We have put together 15 phrases you should never say to your partner in a relationship.

1. “You’re Never Always”

The words ‘always’ and ‘never’ are rarely true and they’re usually said out of anger or frustration.

Rather than complain and point fingers sticking to the facts, and be honest about what’s bothering you without immediately putting the other person on the defensive.

things to never say in a relationship

2.  “Shut up”

This can happen during a fight or argument. Telling your partner to shut up is quite aggressive and would only worsen the situation.

“Can you please be quiet?” can deliver the same message in a calmer manner that doesn’t feel so violent.”

3. “I Wish You Were More…”

Telling your partner you wish they were more than they were can actually lower their self-esteem and make them feel bad about themselves.

4.  “You Are Such A…”

If you complete this phrase with an abuse or expletive you are only adding more fuel to the fire. Name-calling is not only immature, but it doesn’t get the argument anywhere and you would definitely hate your actions afterward.

things to never say in a relationship

5. ‘Why do you NEVER listen to me?’’

This type of limiting statement is normally made in a long-term relationship where the value of healthy two-way communication is taken for granted or ignored, or one partner has become very dogmatic and blinkered in their opinions. Continually repeating this statement, either in a more emotional or aggressive tone, will also never work.”

6. “You’ve Changed”

This type of judgemental statement will never help develop or nurture a relationship. If you truly believe this claim, you also need to consider the possibility that you may have changed too because a relationship can never be static.

things to never say in a relationship

7.”My Ex Would Never Do That!”

There’s nothing more hurtful and insensitive than comparing your partner to your ex. It would definitely make them angry, worthless and even insecure.

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8. “You Must Do This”

Take note that this is a relationship and not a dictatorship.  You should never speak to your partner in a commanding tone the same way you would scold a child.

9.  “I Wish I Never Got Involved With You”

Such a statement reveals signs of regret and dissatisfaction and definitely, this would not make your partner happy

things to never say in a relationship

10.  “You’re Overreacting”

Suggesting that your partner is overreacting is the easiest way to lead to hurt feelings.  This is only going to make the other person even more upset.

11. “Calm Down”

There’s nothing that can make a person angrier than hearing someone tell them to calm down when they’re not even close to overreacting.  It’s best to let the other person say what they need to say and express how they feel rather than tell them off.

12. “You Don’t Know Anything”

Telling your partner they don’t know anything is pretty much the same as telling them they are stupid. Rather than make your partner feel worthless use uplifting words to explain yourself better.

things to never say in a relationship

 13.  “You’re Being Crazy”

Your partner’s emotions may get the best of them from time to time, but that doesn’t give you the right to call them crazy. If your partner is upset, ask them to calmly share their feelings with you and explain how they see the situation, instead of simply ignoring how they feel.

14. “Just Drop It”

Never say anything dismissive in the middle of a conversation as a way to avoid talking about something uncomfortable. Dropping a conversation midway diminishes the importance of the relationship and makes your partner feel unheard.

things to never say in a relationship

15. “It’s Fine”

If it’s not fine, don’t pretend it is. Hiding your true feelings isn’t going to help anything. If you’re upset, you have to be willing to talk things through with your partner if your relationship is going to last. Holding in your emotions and running away from the problem is never the answer.


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