This Yam Peppersoup Recipe (Ukodo) Is The Best Spicy Addition To Your Menu

yam peppersoup recipe video tutorial

Yam Pepper Soup is a South-South delicacy that can certainly be referred to as comfort food. It is perfect for cold days, as it leaves you feeling refreshed and warm. The rich mix of spices gives a delicious taste that is authentic to the African cuisine.

Spice Up Your Menu With This Awesome Catfish Peppersoup Tutorial


-½ kg of yam, diced.

-500g Goat meat, cut into chunks

-1 medium sized fish (Catfish or Croaker), washed and cut into pieces. (Optional)

-2 tbsp of ground Crayfish

-1 big onion, chopped

-Scent leaves, a handful

-Utazi leaves, as desired

-Uziza leaves, (Optional)

-Peppersoup spice, as desired

-Ground pepper, (if desired)

-2 seasoning cubes

-Salt to taste

How To Prepare

1.  Wash the goat meat thoroughly, place in a pot and sprinkle a tsp. of salt
and cook for about 15 minutes on low heat. Set aside to later use.
2. Peel the yam and cut into two halves then immerse in a bowl of water and
rinse. Peel and cut the plantain into three pieces then – set aside.

3.  Place all the local spices in the dry part of the blender and grind for a few minutes.

4.  Add some water to the pot containing goat meat. Place on
the burner and allow to boil for about 5 minutes. Add 1-2 tbsp. of the
ground spices, uda, crayfish, pepper and crushed seasoning. Stir and
taste the soup. Leave to cook further till you start to perceive the
5.  Add  yam, then reduce the heat and allow the ukodo to cook for about 15 minutes.
6.  Transfer the Yam and plantain into a dish, then pour the
liquid into another plate. Pour red palm oil into a small clay bowl and
The palm oil can also be mixed with the ukodo liquid and used to
eat the yam and plantain or the yam/plantain could be dipped in the oil
and eaten while the ukodo liquid is sipped like pepper soup.

Sisiyemmie’s video tutorial will serve as a guide.