8 Attributes Men Find Absolutely Irresistible In Women

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Attraction plays a major role in our relationships. To a large extent, it even determines whether or not a relationship will start at all.

When a man meets a woman there are certain attributes he will find irresistible about her. There are basic attributes men look out for in women and if he a man doesn’t find it in a particular woman, he would most likely not pursue her.

As a woman, knowing the attribute a man would find attractive in you may not necessarily find you your Mr Right but it will definitely help you become a better person while you are waiting for ‘The One’.

You must also know that men find a lot of things attractive about women( they are wired that way) but there are particular things that definitely get them taking a second look, a third look and eventually hooked for life.

So, just in case you have been expecting a particular ‘somebody’ to make the move and he hasn’t, you might need to see to building some of these attributes to give him the final nudge.

1. Loyalty

Loyalty ranks high among the things men find most attractive in a woman. A man wants to know his secrets, feelings, and weaknesses are safe with you.

2. A friendly attitude

A little bit of sassiness is not bad but when you are all out disrespectful, mean and unfriendly, men walk the other way.

3. A forgiving heart

Men know they won’t always get their game right, so they are attracted to women who will always find a way to forgive them at the end of the day. This may not necessarily favour you most times, but you will have a peaceful relationship.

4. Cleanliness

Most men don’t know how to clean up after themselves and they know it. Being a lady with habits of cleanliness automatically makes you a good match who will be able to teach kids to know better than their dad.

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5. Romance

It only makes sense that a man or a woman would want a partner who can be romantic. Romance adds spice to the relationship and helps you keep the spark alive. Men women they can play with, show their vulnerable sides to and feel loved when they are with.

6. Respect

It is a natural expectation in men to want women who respect them. When a man spots this attribute in you, he is instantly attracted because he feels you won’t hurt his pride.

7. Calmness

Only few men can stomach a drama queen, most would rather go for the calm one who can calmly handle anything.

8. Intelligence

Who doesn’t love a smart woman? Men love when a woman is intelligent but doesn’t rub it in their face. To a man, an intelligent woman may turn out to be a lifesaver.