6 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Bottle of Carrot Oil

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Carrot oil also known as carrot seed oil is considered as an essential oil with a lot of uses. It is basically a thick colored oil which is at its best, when used in the purest form.

Carrot seed oil contains carotene and vitamin A, which is also very good for healthy skin, hair, gums and teeth

They are found to be effective in retaining fluids in our body thereby moisturizing the skin. Carrot oil is extracted directly from the dried seeds of carrots by steam distillation and in it’s best and purest form it’s made into a thick orange-colored paste that will work wonders for the skin and hair.

Here are a few benefits of carrot oil.

1. As a Stress Reliever

Carrot seed oil is widely used in aromatherapy because of its mild and soothing aroma, which is found to be very effective in relieving stress and anxiety. They can also protect the skin from getting wrinkles. They are capable of relieving muscle aches, enhance the production of erythrocytes and improve eyesight.

2. Prevents Cancer

Carrot oil is found to be effective in curing some forms of cancer, especially those in stomach, mouth and kidneys. These anti cancerous properties is partly due to its antioxidant features, but also because of various medicinal properties of its natural components.

3. Helps to rejuvenate skin by restoring skin.

It helps to rejuvenate the skin. Carrot oil also helps to eliminate skin issues such as psoriasis and dermatitis by reviving skin and stimulating new skin cell growth. People with dry or oily skin can use carrot oil. Basically, it’s beneficial for all skin types.

It will balance all skin types. It gives the pores just enough moisture so they won’t clog. Anyone with dry, dull and lifeless skin should use carrot oil. It will leave your face shining in no time.

4. Treats wrinkles and age spots.

Carrot oil fills in deep frown lines, stops age spots and reduces wrinkles in the skin. It really is supposed to slow down the aging process in the skin as well.

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5. As a Stimulant

Carrot oil is capable of stimulating both circulation and metabolic functions. Apart from that, they can also stimulate secretion of hormones, enzymes etc. In fact they can even make you feel more alert and active by stimulating brain functions and nerves.

6. For long healthy hair

It will make the hair and skin shiny and healthy looking. The hair can be stimulated to grow by carrot oil protecting a person from hair loss. It will cure split ends and it will revitalize dry-looking hair. It also helps to stop hair breakage.