Take Your Sex Life To Another Level With These 7 Stimulating Kissing Techniques

Searching for a way to spice up for your sex life? We say you start with your kisses. Everyone can kiss but not the same way or at the same rate.

Kissing is a vital part of any romance, it stimulates the sexual hormones of women mostly. Make your partner yearn for more by learning new kissing techniques.

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Here are 7 hot and romantic kissing techniques that would keep your sex life alive.

1.Gentle Tickle

After the first few kisses, lightly tickle your partner’s lips with the tip of your tongue in order to make out with tongue. You don’t want to lather his or her lips; just brush across them lightly like a butterfly’s wings. This move conveys a touch of innocence tinged with a willingness to explore, and it can be very enticing to the person you’re kissing with tongue.

2.Kissing Triangle

This kissing technique is something that you would really enjoy. It’s not the easiest kissing technique to perform, but it’s great for doing something different that’s also quite hot. It’s especially good during any face to face sexual position.

Start by kissing your partner on the lips as you normally would. From there, slowly transition from kissing him on the lips to kissing him on the cheek. The transition from his cheek to kissing his neck then move back to kissing him on the lips.

You end up kissing him in three different places, or a triangle: lips, cheek, neck, lips. To make this movement really nice and smooth, don’t shift spots abruptly.


This tongue technique offers a good way to initiate some tongue contact, but it’s also very nice for kissers who don’t know what to do with your tongue when French kissing or enjoy using the tongue a little rather than a lot.

Begin with the soft tickle as described, and then gently press the tip of your tongue against your partner’s lips. When your partner opens the lips to accept you, slowly and softly dart your tongue into his or her mouth and then pull it back out. You can continue darting your tongue in and out as you vary the length of the contact. Take a cue from your partner’s own response and do what feels natural to you both.

4.Nibble, Nibble

This kissing technique is about using your teeth when kissing your partner. There is a right way (and a definite wrong way) to use teeth while kissing. The right way, of course, is being soft and gentle, not rough, harsh or forceful.

The next time you kiss your man on the lips, slowly transition from using your lips to very gently squeezing his lips between your teeth. Next, start to slowly pull back so that his lip slowly slide through your teeth. That’s all there is to it. You can do this to both his top and bottom lip.


Invading is a bold move designed to elicit a big response, and you should only do it if your partner is into full contact Frenching. When passions run high and the moment seems right, extend your tongue all the way into your partner’s mouth using a combination of darting and swirling.

When you’re invading, these techniques are bigger and bolder, but you still have to be careful not to overdo them.


Wandering can happen at any moment while the two of you are kissing. Leave your partner’s lips and trail soft kisses from the chin and cheeks to the jawline and continue on to the nape of the neck. Dart your tongue into the hollow just beneath the earlobe and press more soft wet kisses against the pulse in the neck. You can even trail kisses along the collarbone to the shoulder and then back again as you make your way back to the mouth.

7.Hands On

To make kissing a memorable experience for your man, get your entire body involved. One of the best parts of your body to use while kissing is your hands.

A slightly better way to use them is by wrapping them around your partner. An even better way is to run them up and down your partner’s body, making sure to touch him in his most erogenous zone along the way. But, also use your hands to pull your partner in close to you.

By far the best way to use your hands is on your man’s neck, head and face. You can slowly run your hands through his hair. Or, massage his neck with your fingers. You can even use your hands to tilt and change the angle of his face to alter the way you’re kissing each other. Using your hands is one of the most powerful kissing techniques available for heightening the entire experience for your partner.