feed-in braid styles

Try A New Look With These 10 Beautiful Feed-In Braid Hairstyles

The weekend is almost here and it’s time to get a new hairstyle. Feed-in braids, also known as Ghana braids or cornrow extensions, are a form of hairstyle that includes braiding natural hair with hair extensions. The word “feed-in” refers to the method of incorporating extensions into braids. Feed-in braids begin with little sections of natural hair braided close to …

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choosing the right lace frontal

Having A Hard Time Choosing The Best Lace Frontal Wig? These Tips Will Guide You

Women love lace frontal extensions a lot, but choosing the right one might be a tough call. When it comes to selecting your lace frontals, there are some things you still need to consider. This is because you don’t want to embarrass yourself when you wear it. Moreover, if you care less about embarrassment, the worst is that you won’t …

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Chemical Peel

8 Signs That You Need A Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin in order to exfoliate the top layers and peel off revealing a smoother, younger-looking skin. How Are Chemical Peels Performed? The specific steps and details of the procedure may vary depending on the type of chemical peel and the individual’s skin type and …

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Why You Should Apply Powder Before Foundation

Here Is Why You Should Try The Powder Before Foundation Beauty Hack

We guess you are shocked to read that powder should be applied before foundation. Yes, we were once as shocked as you are but now we know better. Experts have proved that this is the best way to apply makeup. The powder is usually the final “setting” step to seal foundation and concealer, but skin experts suggest that using it …

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5 Warning Signs That Show You Need A New Hair Stylist

  Your hairstylist should do some things to give you a good hair journey, but if she or he doesn’t do all these things, then you need to find someone else to care for your hair better. Also, there are certain features the hair salon may possess that may harm your hair. Here are five signs that show you need …

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makeup storage

Want Your Makeup Products To Last Longer? Here’s The Proper Way To Store Them

Every woman wants their makeup products to last longer especially when they are quite expensive and scarce. The only way to do this is by storing the products the right way and in the right place. If you still store your makeup collection in one of those big pouches or your bathroom cabinet, you’re making a big, boring mistake. In …

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natural oils lash growth

Want Longer Lashes? These 5 Natural Oils Are Just What You Need

Natural Oils For Longer Lashes Full and long eyelashes are the dream of every woman but the truth is not everyone is blessed with them. This has moved many to resort to fake eyelashes to create the illusion of fuller lashes. Mascara is also used to achieve a long eyelash but the bad news is that it’s just temporary. While …

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skin cycling

All You Should Know About The Beauty Trend, Skin Cycling And It’s Benefits

 ‘Skin Cycling’ has been a buzzword on the skincare streets of TikTok for a while now. The hashtag currently has over 250 million views. While this concept is not entirely new, the “skin cycling” routine was popularized by Dr. Whitney Bowe, a New York-based dermatologist. What is Skin Cycling? Skin cycling is a skin-care routine that allows for “rest days” during …

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7 Protective Hairstyles That Would Keep Your Hair In Good Shape During Harmattan

7 Hairstyles Perfect For The Harmattan Season Finally, Harmattan is here! You might have noticed that you need to apply more lip balm and carry a moisturizer around for your skin. Your hair also needs some tender loving care this harmattan. If your hair is left unattended in this weather, it will get dry, brittle & start to break off. …

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Gbemi O

6 Times Gbemi’s Face Card Never Declined

From her soothing skin to sultry makeup, glamorous earrings, and exceptional hairstyles, Gbemi’s face card rates just went up! Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, aka Gbemi O,  is a media star recognised as one of the most influential media personalities in Nigerian popular culture & multi-media. She is one of the hosts of a talk show called OffAir with Gbemi and Toolz, where the …

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