garri recipes

7 Creative Food Recipes You Can Make From Garri


garri recipes


Garri, as we all in Nigeria can admit, has been saving lives since 1840. It is one of those food items that you will always find in a Nigerian home, regardless of tribe.

It is made from cassava root and its main varieties are yellow garri, white garri and Ijebu garri..

Garri is mostly drunk, eaten with soups or with beans. However, there are several creative recipes that you probably didn’t know you can make from Garri.

Here are seven of them.

1. Garri Cookies

These Garri cookies are definitely a must-try. It is made from Garri, flour, sugar, milk, baking soda and if you want, coconut shavings. You can eat it with tea or a milkshake.

2. Garri Cake

garri recipes

This one takes me back to secondary school boarding house days when Garri cake was the birthday special. If you attended secondary school in Nigeria, then you most likely know this one.

3. Garri Chocolate Truffle

Why bother with Ferrero Rocher when you can make your own version with a Garri twist. It is made with chocolate or cocoa powder, garri, coconut flour, and sugar.

4. Garri Smoothie

Once you try this garri smoothie, you would probably have it every day. All you need is chocolate powder (Milo)  gari (preferably Ijebu Gari), evaporated milk, sugar, banana,  groundnuts or peanuts, and ice. Blend it and what you get is a perfectly nutritious, delicious, creamy, filling, and energy-boosting smoothie.

We all know this one. Almost every Nigerian has their own unique way of drinking Garri. However, this one is such a healthy and delicious recipe. The addition of coconut gives it a milky taste, the banana gives it a sweet kick and the nutty flavor of groundnut balances it.

5. Garri Chin Chin

garri recipes

This is made like the traditional chin-chin but in this case, Garri is used to substitute the amount of flour you would normally use. However, you would add a little flour to the mix.

6. Garri Chicken Nuggets

Garri Chicken Nugget is such a creative way to make chicken nuggets. Instead of using flour or breadcrumbs to form the crunchy exterior that we all love chicken nuggets for, try using Garri instead.

7. Garri Fortor

Garri fortor also known as Garri Jollof is a special Ghanaian delicacy made by mixing gari and a stew base to get the final product.

Trust me, there is no major difference between it and the main jollof.

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