Learn How To Make Yummy Peanut Butter Right In Your Kitchen

Peanut butter is one of the sweetest bread spread you should have in your kitchen. It’s one of the healthiest spread for people that want to go low on fat and sugar. Peanut which is the main ingredient contains protein and other nutrients that help to maintain one’s health.

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Have you thought of making yours? Why spend a lot of cash on getting peanut butter at the store when you can make yours just the way you want it. To make this, here’s the recipe.


1.500grams roasted Peanut or groundnut

2. 1 pinch of  salt( optional)

3. 2 teaspoons sugar(optional, but makes it sweeter)

4. 2 teaspoons Peanut or vegetable oil(for lighter consistency)


  1. Peel off the skin of the roasted Peanut or groundnut by rubbing in between your palms.
  2. Pour the skinless Peanut or groundnut into a strong blender and blend for one minute. 
  3. Scrape down the nuts on the sides of the blender and blend again for 2 minutes, continue blending until it goes from crushed Peanut or groundnut to a fine powder, then to a thick paste and finally to a big peanut butter dough.
  4. Add the oil, sugar, and salt and continue blending to form a smooth runny peanut butter spread.
  5. Pour into a clean container and use as desired or store in the fridge.

Watch this video to see how it’s being made: