These Creative Makeup Looks We Spotted On Our Feed Prove That Art Is Glorious

We spotted these super creative makeup looks, and we’re definitely tripping.

These makeup looks allow us understand how art works and how you can use makeup in several forms.

The colours and designs just make them look all cute and pretty.

You can adopt some of these creative looks when you want to go for a party or when you want to play a little with your social media.

You know, art is just wonderful, and it just gets better everyday.

Here are those amazingly creative makeup looks we spotted:

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1. The mermaid colour look. This makeup looks metallic with the way the artist painted it. You surely can wear this look to a club. We love the artificial eyelashes that fall beneath.

2. The angel’s wings. This look is so glamorous. See how the eye shadow is shaped as the wings of a bird or an angel. We also love the gloss, and the matching of colours. These colours are different shades of brown.

3. Ronke Raji gives us this creative look. All we see us pink, but see how the white eyeliner makes it look prettier. The yellow also goes a long way. Have your eye coloured the same way with your nail polish, and this is what you’ll get.

4. Wow! It seems Halloween isn’t over yet. Scary but creative. See how her eyes are in the same position, yet the eyebrows and lips are alternated. An extra nose was even painted!

5. This look has got us tripping. We love how she retains a nude look at the top of her eyelid and starts the make up from beneath. So creative and beautiful. The heart and arrow patterns are just what this amazing look needs.

6. Double eyeliner. This is something anyone can try. You’ll draw a second line on your eyelid with your liquid liner.