Get Relief From Smelly Foot Using These 5 Tips

cure for smelly foot

No one wants to deal with the embarrassment of stinky feet. For anyone troubled by stinky feet, the question at the back of their minds most times is: What exactly is causing my feet to smell?

While most of us have suffered from foot perspiration, damp feet and odor at some point in our lives, for many, sweaty, stinky feet can be a relentless problem that causes much discomfort.

Sadly, it can affect the daily lives of many, causing little social life, especially if it’s related to being at a gym, outdoors in the heat, among friends or in a situation where shoes need to be removed, such as crowded places.

Sweaty feet means excessive sweating and usually causes stinky feet. The sweat glands in the foot area of the body are what produces the odor.

Here are great ways to get rid of smelly foot

1.Keep your skin moisturized.

At night, add one more ritual to your pre-sleep routine: Simply rub an all-natural moisturizer or foot cream into your feet, especially if you have calluses. By keeping your feet moisturized, you’ll prevent dry skin and keep bacteria levels down, It’s those dead skin cells that bacteria like to feed on.

2. Practice expert foot-drying.

After a shower, bath or a dip in the pool, use a towel to remove all of the water from your feet. This includes between your toes, your heels, the tops of your feet — the works. This small step helps prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming.

3. Change Your Diet

Changes in lifestyle and diet can be very helpful in controlling foot odor. Diets high in refined carbohydrates will often serve as food for bacteria and fungus in the body, giving rise to discharge phenomenon.

One such discharge is to expel these bacteria and fungus into the skin to slough off with dying skin cells.

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4. Soak Your Feet

You can try numerous home remedies, such as salt baths, tea soaks and apple cider vinegar. With proper hygiene and the rotation of shoes, these practices may help eliminate foot odor.

For temporary relief, consider an apple cider vinegar bath using one part vinegar and two parts water to help reduce the level of bacteria that can cause odor. Apple cider vinegar’s antifungal effects can combat foot odor.

5. Ensure Good Hygiene

Getting rid of foot odor may be as simple as following a daily foot hygiene routine. This may include washing your feet with an antibacterial soap.

It’s important to wash your feet every day and dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes. When you dry your feet with a towel after a shower or bath, dab between your toes with cotton wool dipped in witch hazel or apple cider vinegar.

Sweaty feet can be treated with an antibacterial foot scrub, but avoid using a scrub if you have broken skin or eczema.

Keep your toenails trimmed and clean, which also helps prevent toenail fungus. Gently remove any hard skin with a foot file. When hard, skin can become soggy from the dampness and it provides an ideal home for bacteria.

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