#World Jollof Day: Five Delicious Jollof Rice Recipes You Should Try

Jollof Rice is more or less Nigeria’s sweetheart dish. It is a delicacy present at nearly every wedding, birthday ceremony, even funerals.

For World Jollof Rice Day which comes up August 22nd of every year, we have come up with five exciting ways to cook the delicious Nigerian delicacy.

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1. Party Jollof Rice

Zeelicious Foods takes us on how to prepare tasty party jollof rice. She also includes how to give it that rich bottom-pot flavour that would take your jollof rice over the top.

2. Native Jollof Rice

Native jollof rice is as tasty as it sounds. The unique thing about this dish is that it contains ponmo, dried shrimps and palm oil. Here is a recipe from  SisiYemmieTV.

3. Oven-baked Jollof Rice

Oven-baked Jollof Rice is exactly as it sounds, oven-baked. Obaapa Kitchen takes us through cooking it perfectly.

4. Goat-meat Jollof Rice

Want to add some variety to your traditional jollof rice, try this recipe from Telande World.

5. Coconut Jollof Rice

Coconut on its own is packed with unique flavour. Combining it with jollof rice is a beautiful explosion of taste and deliciousness. Check out the recipe from Pots&Knives.