First Year Dating Conversations

6 Important Conversations You Should Have With Your Partner Within The First Year Of Dating

First Year Dating Conversations

Most ladies experience magical moments in the first year or at the beginning of their relationship. It’s always like you both are made from heaven.

As excited as you may be, there are sensitive pieces of information you should know especially if you both are serious. You might you guys talk lightly about something or talk lightly about them, then they need to be discussed.

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Here are conversations you and your partner should have in your first year of dating.

1. Family

Everyone on earth has a family and they’re a huge part of our life. You should ask him about his family, their tradition, photos and many more. Also, discuss the role they play and ask about his. You both should discuss how important your family is and the issues you have with them. This discussion will help you both figure out the difference in your backgrounds.


You both should discuss if you have a child or children before the relationship started. This would help to unravel deep secrets. Also, discuss how much you both like children, it might seem early but you need to know as soon as possible. Although, life happens until then make sure you have the right information.

3. Personal Goals (Long/ Short Term)

Some people might think, they’ll figure out each other goals as the relationship progress. After some years, they figure out they both have a different approach to life.

You both have to discuss your short-term and long-term goals, it helps you figure out what you want from each other and your individual approach to life. This discussion is quite important and sensitive as it affects your future together.

4. Definition Of Commitment

The definition of commitment often causes a rift between couples. When one person feels more committed than the other person, there’s an issue. You both have to discuss your individual definition of commitments. You get to clear each person’s doubts by having this discussion.

5. Affection And Sex

Sex is always a sensitive topic in any relationship. Most people shy away from this topic but it has a lot to do with the success of any relationship. You both may have different ways of showing affection individually. So the other person doesn’t misunderstand anything, you both have to talk about this.

6. Expectations

Expectations in a relationship differ. No matter how you think your hearts are in sync, your expectation still differs. You both have to discuss your expectations. What does each person expect after two to three years in the relationship? Iron out this issue so it doesn’t cause a problem in the future.


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