This Video Tutorial Will Teach You How To Fix False Lashes Easily

ronke raji false lashes tutorial

False lashes are a huge trend in the beauty industry and many ladies want to get in on it. With advanced technology, strip lashes have made life easier.

You don’t have to sit at the salon for hours to get your lashes done. You can simply buy a pair of strip lashes at any beauty supply store and pop them on easily.

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Strip lashes are easy to take off and have a natural appearance

If you are fixing lashes for the first time or are looking to give it a try you might not find it easy to do. That’s why we’ve decided to share a few tips and a beginner friendly tutorial to help guide you.

To fix false lashes you’ll need

  • Lash glue
  • False lashes
  • Tweezers

Steps to fix false lashes

  1. Line your eyes with eyeliner
  2. Use some mascara to prep your natural lashes
  3. Gently remove the false lashes from its pack
  4. Apply a thin line of glue on the false lashes
  5. Let the lash dry for a few seconds
  6. Use your tweezers to hold the lashes and place them on your natural lashes
  7. Make sure the lashes are set on your natural lashes and you’re good to go

Watch this tutorial from beauty vlogger, Ronke Raji;