Learn How To Flat Twist Natural Hair With This Simple Video Tutorial

How To Flat Twist Natural Hair

Flat twists are a neat way to add a protective style to your hair  instead of just sticking to the regular two strand twists, which can hang loosely.

Flat twists are similar to cornrows, but may be more user-friendly to beginners; you work with two strands of hair at a time with flat twists instead of three, as you do with cornrows.

Below is a quick tutorial on how to flat twist.

1. To begin flat twisting hair, start with a part at the hairline.

2. From the section of hair that you parted, begin working with a small section at the hairline.

3. To begin flat twisting hair, start with a part at the hairline.

4. Now divide the small section of hair at the hairline into two equal parts.

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5. Twist the two sections of hair around each other as you move back along this parted section.

6. As you twist the hair, gently incorporate hair from the parted section into the twist as you work back. It’s important to use the right tension so that you don’t cause any pain or damage to the hair follicles with tight styling.

7. Continue twisting the hair until you reach the ends. If desired, secure the ends with covered elastics or bands. Natural hair can usually secure itself without additional help.

8. Repeat the flat twists over the entire head. As you become more comfortable with your technique, you may find yourself creating parts that direct to one side instead of straight back, for more variety.

This video would also help you.

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