6 Things You Should Start Doing If You Want Wider Hips

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In the past, having a more rounded figure was frowned upon by many and most women got on crazy and harmful diets just to be a size 2. The recent wave in fitness though is to be thick and many body-positive women are not mad at it. Hence, most women are looking for ways to get a more rounded figure or better still, how to get an hourglass figure.

Here are some fitness practices you should start doing if you want wider hips and a bigger butt.

1. Eat more protein and fats:

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Yes, fats. Healthy fats like coconuts, avocado, olive and almond oil and so on help to regulate the hormones and increase estrogen levels in the body. Hormone regulation plays a key role in giving you that rounder figure you desire. Also, it is important to eat protein-rich foods like beans, lentils, egusi soup, yogurts and more to help in building and maintaining muscle in the desired areas.


2. Track your macros:


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You may be wondering what macros are. Macronutrients are a large amount of nutrients that living beings need to ingest for growth and development. The seven major macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats, protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins, and water. It is important to track this because it would help you determine the quantities you need to eat for your desired figure.  You can use a macronutrient calculator to figure out how many calories you should be eating to reach your goals.


3. Glute Exercises:

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Most women tend to do only squats when they are trying to get a rounder figure. in order to increase your hip circumference, you need to do a wide range of glute exercises. Squats are good, but they are not good enough. some exercises to try include:

  • Glute bridges
  • Lunges
  • Reverse Planking
  • Standing Leg Raises
  • High Kicks

It is important to do these exercises at least two times a week in order to see some level of improvement. You can also follow this video for more exercises to try:

4. Use Healthy Supplements:

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There are placebo supplements that promise to give you bigger butt in 7 days or less. Please be mindful of schemes like that because they can be harmful to the body. Instead, use all natural diet supplements like maca powder, fenugreek, fish oil and protein shakes to help in achieving and maintaining your goals. You can find all of the supplements listed on Jumia Nigeria.

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5. Do more core exercises:

Ab exercises
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The smaller your waist looks, the wider your hips will appear. It is important to also work on your core and stomach area while trying to build your glutes. You don’t want to have a perky butt and without having a toned belly. Some core exercises to try include:

  • Planks
  • Hula hoops
  • Mountain Climber
  • Jumping Jacks

6. Sit down less:

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The more we sit, the less our glute muscles are engaged. If you work in an office, try to perform some of your tasks standing or in motion. In order to see ample change, you need to keep your glute muscles engaged and constant sitting does not help.

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