Prepare A Delicious Pot Of Bitter Leaf Soup With This Delicious Recipe

Ofe Onugbu or bitter leaf soup is a delicious delicacy with immense medicinal benefits for the body.

Because it is made from bitter leaf which is a very nutritious vegetable to incorporate into your dishes,many tend to think that the taste of this soup is bitter. But a well-prepared pot of bitter leave soup should not have a bitter taste.

The lack of bitterness is achieved by thoroughly washing and squeezing the bitter leaf before using them in your soup.

Now that we have cleared your doubts about this soup, watch the short video below to learn how to make it.

The ingredients you will need are

– Thoroughly washed bitter leaf ( a handful)

– Cocoyam tubers

– Red palm oil

– Assorted beef

– Pepper, salt and seasoning cubes

– Ground crayfish

– 1 teaspoon ogiri