This Is The Reason Why Nigerian Women Are Sharing Their ChildBirth Experiences Online

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Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the fragile moments of a woman’s life. This experiences can either make or mar them. It is true that in times past many. Nigerian women took pride in childbearing and saw it as a compulsory duty yet in recent times many women have made it a decision not to have kids or to stick to a certain number of kids.

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One of such women is Ozzy Etomi, a feminism advocate who is quite active on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

Ozzy took to Twitter to share her childbirth experiences and the reason why she isn’t ready to have a second child.

This, of course, sparked a lot of controversies, especially from the menfolk. While some condemned Ozzy’s experience others supported her and this, in turn, moved other women to share their own experiences.

Many of these experiences were indeed emotional and we thought to share some with you. We believe every woman, unmarried or married can learn a thing or two from these pregnancy and childbirth experiences.

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