Jumoke Adenowo’s Thoughts About The Unhealthy Competition Among Women Is Powerful

Award-winning Nigerian architect, entrepreneur, and founder of the boutique architecture and interior design firm AD Consulting,  Olajumoke Adenowo recently shared a powerful message on her Instagram page baring her mind on the unhealthy competition among women.

According to her, it is important that women support each other and see themselves as sisters rather than rivals.

Here’s what she shared on her page

This is where men in business get it better than women . We don’t have to like everything about each other to network and partner . Sometimes we women can major on minors and hold on to irrelevant offences when there is major work to be done !! Let go of personality clashes and territorial, egotistic,shenanigans ! I don’t even wait for you to greet me before I greet you talk less of now complaining that you didn’t greet me and …if I greet you and you don’t answer I assume you didn’t hear so I say ” I was greeting you “?Don’t have permanent enemies !! Build bridges ! Don’t burn them ! Some women would rather help anyone BUT another woman ! This massive insecurity is soooo outdated !! You are the only one left o !! Enough is enough ! We are #sisters not rivals !

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