Putting Pressure On Him To Give You Attention May Not Be Cool And Here’s Why

Usually, guys don’t like to be pressured to do things. Also, they tend to have this interest in particular things like football and (sometimes) politics.

This makes him divert his attention from you to other things of interest to him. In addition, he could just be trying to try out different things other than talking to you all day.

Here are reasons not to pressure your man into giving you attention:

1. You both have lives outside each other

Of course; you both have jobs, families and life aspirations. It doesn’t end at him being with you because certainly, if he gives you all the attention, you may soon start complaining that he doesn’t have an ambition. A breakup may even develop form there.

2. You both may get bored

It is a fact that even YOU will get tired of the attention. There’ll come a time when you both won’t have such interesting things to say to each other anymore, so don’t pressure him.

3. He’ll start feeling uncomfortable with you

If you start pressuring him for the attention, he won’t feel safe. All that’ll be in his mind is that ‘she’s being a pest’ or ‘she’s obsessed’. Except of course, he isn’t giving you any attention at all, then you don’t have to put so much pressure.

4. He may suspect you want something else

Well, these days, many people do things for certain reasons unknown to many. If you start to pressure him, he may just think that you have another motive way more profitable than just receiving attention.