4 Tell-Tale Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency That You Might Be Unaware Of



Vitamin D deficiency is an issue that most people don’t even know they have. For us black people, vitamin D is very necessary for our health. So much so, that a vitamin D deficiency can cause depression and puts us at risk for cancer.

Vitamin D, unlike other vitamins, is like a hormone and every single cell in the body has a receptor for it.

The primary source of vitamin D is the sun, and although there is this myth that you should not go in the sun. To some extent, this is true because excess sun exposure can lead to skin damage.

However, on the other hand, no sun exposure can also lead to vitamin D deficiency. For you to truly know that you may be deficient, you would need to go for a medical test to find out.

Still, there are some tell-tale symptoms and here are 4 of them.

1. Getting sick or infected regularly

Vitamin D plays an active role in keeping your immune system strong and active so that you can effectively fight off viral and bacterial infections.

If you are frequently down with the flu, a cold or a fever, it could be as a result of vitamin D deficiency.

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2. Tiredness

If you are often lethargic or tired after any little activity, it can be as a result of vitamin D deficiency. This is directly linked to falling sick regularly as a result of a weak immune system.

it can be remedied by first doing a medical test to confirm that the tiredness is as a result of vitamin D deficiency and then, by taking vitamin D supplements.

3. Depression

There has been a proven link between depression and vitamin D deficiency, especially in old or black people. this kind of depression is often rampant during the colder and rainy months and because the sun tends to not be as bright, people get seasonal depression.

This can be remedied by starting a dosage of 4000mg of Vitamin D supplements.

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4. Hair loss

Hair loss in black women is usually a result of poor maintenance and stress. Sometimes, however, it is as a result of vitamin D deficiency or another nutrient deficiency.

Low vitamin D in the body has been linked to alopecia areata and can be a possible cause.

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