Want To Confirm If You’re In A One- Sided Relationship? Let These 7 Signs Will Guide You

Both partners in a relationship are expected to give equal and maximum attention to the relationship.

However, when one person gives a higher percentage of love, support and attention to the relationship, there’s bound to be problems. One-sided relationships tend to be the most exhausting for the partner who invests the most in the relationship.

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If you’re feeling a type of way, this post will show you signs that would help you know if you’re in a one-sided relationship.

1.When Spending Time With You Is An Just An Obligation

You should always be a priority to your loved ones. The moment your partner starts treating you like an obligation, then you’re in a one-sided relationship.

2.When You’re The Only One That Apologizes In Every Argument

Finding yourself apologizing every now and then, even for the silliest of things is a big sign of being in a one-sided relationship. Your partner tends to find flaws in everything you do, make you feel guilty and bad about yourself. Any partner who belittles you is not worth investing the time and energy.

3.When Your Partners Doesn’t Return Favours

Your partner never hesitates to ask you for favours, ask you for your time and attention but when you do the same, they are simply ‘too busy’ and do not have the time.

Nobody is too busy, it is all about making time for the ones you love. If they do not do so, it is clear they do not love you either.

4.When They’re Never There For You

Through thick and thin, you always make sure that you are there for your partner to provide them with the love, care and support that they might need. The moment you can never rely on your partner to help you out, you’re in a one-sided relationship

5.If Your Partner Doesn’t Include You In Their Future Plans

When you’re thinking down the road, you think in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’ but when your partner envisions themselves, they always use the terms ‘me’ and ‘I’, it means you’re in a one-sided relationship.

6.You Spend More Money On Your Partner Than They Do On You

When it comes to the finances of your relationship, you pick up the cheque more often than your partner does, you’re in a one-sided relationship. Not that you are keeping track of how much you have spent on them but you get a general sense that there is a lack of balance between your level of contribution and your partner’s.

7.When You Know Nothing About Your Partner’s Family

You may have made efforts to bring your romantic relationship and your family together if your partner has never done the same for you, that relationship is one-sided.

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