6 Top Signs That Shows You Are Trying Too Hard To Make Him Stay

Every relationship requires some amount of work but when you put effort and energy into making your relationship work, you should have a healthy and fulfilling relationship at the end of the day.

It is tempting to want to hold on to a relationship that once gave you so much happiness but if you notice a consistent decline in the general state of your love-life despite your effort then you might be trying too hard.

A normal relationship should be about giving and taking, if you consistently feel like all the energy is coming from you alone, then there might not be anything worth saving anymore.

Here are the top 6 signs you are trying too hard to make things work with your partner.

1. You are the only one putting in the effort

Are you the only one making plans, making phone calls, or working on your problems? This is not a good sign as eventually, you will only feel drained and resentful towards your partner. Relationships should be a balance, a give and take.

2. You are overly-accommodating

If you are willing to do anything to see your partner but don’t get the same in return, the relationship is likely, not right for you. Are you willing to drop everything or just make tentative plans with others in case your partner says they will see you? In comparison, does your partner feel like they will see you when it’s convenient for them, but are still living their life as usual? This is not a balanced situation.

3. You constantly have to justify your relationship

It’s never a good sign if the important people in your life are always questioning your decision to stay in the relationship. You might even find that you have to make excuses for your partner. They might have concerns about how you are being treated, or they notice your partner not being around as much.

4. You are constantly afraid of a break-up

When you feel constantly afraid of a break up then something is wrong.  You might find yourself forcing conversation with them rather than easily conversing, indicating that comfort and trust in the relationship has faded. You should feel secure in your relationship even when you have arguments, if this is not so then you are probably trying too hard.

5. You always feel anxious and depressed

Feeling constant anxiety, sadness, or despair about the relationship is a sign that the dynamic between you and your partner isn’t working. “If you’re avoiding your partner, shutting down, or finding yourself constantly fighting, it may be time to seek counseling or talk to a more experienced person.

6. You always have to put his needs before yours

In healthy relationships, it is important to be aware of your partner’s needs, but you also have needs of your own. If you are not honest about what those are, then you will ultimately become resentful about the one-sided nature of the relationship.