Going On A First Date? Here Are 5 Things You Shouldn’t Discuss

Topics To Avoid On A First Date

As if you weren’t already bothered enough about making a good first impression, wearing the right outfit, or choosing the right place to meet, worrying about what to say can be downright stressful, as there are certain topics to avoid on a first date.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be a pro at socializing. Even if you are a master at the art of conversing, things can go awry really quickly if you don’t avoid these topics.

Going on a first date? Here are five topics to avoid.

1. Exes

We bet you already knew this, but in case you didn’t, talking to your new date about your ex is a no-no! There is nothing more disrespectful than a woman who rambles on and on about an ex on the first date (or any other time ). If you know that you’re not over your last relationship, don’t go on any dates till you’re ready. You’ll probably end up using him as a rebound for your broken heart.

2. Family Problems

So your father left your mother when you were 12 or your dog just died. We are so sorry to hear that, but it’s not exactly an appropriate first-date conversation. You don’t want your date to think you’re damaged goods or worse, turn the whole affair into a pity party. Don’t unburden yourself on his or her arms on the first date. It sets a terrible pace and that might just be the last time you’ll see them.

3. Religious biases

The story was once told of a lady who criticized a particular church for minutes on the first date, only for the guy to admit that his mother was a member of that church, She was so embarrassed and had to apologize profusely before leaving. Naturally, she never heard from her date again.

This brings us to the importance of making sure you don’t discuss religious biases on the first date, Over time, you will see where your date leans towards religiously, and then you can start opening up more.

4. Body Count

Women aren’t exempted either and should know better, so why on earth should your sexual life be discussed on the first date? Try to keep a lid on it till the awkwardness dies and you are both free to be as naughty as you like.

5. Financial Aid

If you’ve ever done this on a first date, We are pretty sure you are reading this and remembering the awful ending that date had. Under no circumstances should you ask for financial assistance from your date.

Even if you end up stranded, phone a trusted friend and have them come bail you out. Asking for money gives off a nasty vibe and gets the “gold digger” alarms going off.

As much as possible, appear financially stable. Ladies, pay for your own ride if you didn’t bring your car. Trust me; there is nothing more attractive than a capable woman.